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Augur Project

For this October we have a special event. We are proud to host a presentation for the Augur Project: the world’s first global, open, decentralized, virtually-automated prediction market platform. The system relies heavily on js, reactJS to be specific), so it’s a good fit for our Meetup.

This talk will be (as you may have already guessed) in English.


The Augur Project

We’ve been covered recently by The Wall Street Journal, International Business Times, Politico and Tech Crunch and over the past two weeks have raised more than US$4 million from a global crowdsale ). This ranks us currently as the 22th largest crowdsale ever ( and testifies to worldwide support for the project and awareness of its vast applications. We’re seeing widespread global interest, as shown in recent screenshots of our Google Analytics dashboard (attached).

When complete, the Augur Project will allow anyone from anywhere to create or speculate in prediction markets or simply monitor them to assess the probability of any future event on any topic of widespread interest, which could include everything from fashion to economic trends, weather to geopolitical events.

We want to leverage the “Wisdom of the Crowd,” game theory and market incentives to become an “Early Warning System for Everything” or a “Weather Report That’s About A Lot More Than The Weather.” Prediction markets have been found by academic research ( to be a top forecasting tool powered by the market-oriented premise that thousands of minds are better than one. Links to a demo of our early alpha version are down below.