Agile Alliance model

Este mes tenemos un eventazo donde contaremos con diferentes miembros destacados de la comunidad ágil internacional.

El evento será en inglés


Ward Cunningham, one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, once said that some problems with code are like financial debt. What precisely is Technical Debt? How do I measure it in my code base? How do I make informed decisions on when and how to address it? Are there other types of software debt to take into account?

The Agile Alliance Technical Debt initiative has been formed to address these questions. The presence in Madrid of the members of this program is an opportunity to present the A2DAM modeland organize a session of the Dice of Debt game.

For this meetup, we will count with:

– Declan Whelan, one of the initiator of this group, and also an Agile practitioner and a Board Member of Agile Alliance.

– Jean-Louis Letouzey, leader of the Agile Alliance Technical Debt initiative, and the author of the SQALE method for managing technical debt.

– Tom Grant, the author the Dice of Debt game, the practice director for Agile at the Cutter Consortium – he was in the Industry Analyst Panel of Agile 2015 – and also an expert in serious games.

-Jean-Pierre Fayolle, a freelance consultant in Software Quality, located in Madrid.

– Dan Sturtevant, researcher exploring software design quality and business outcomes at Harvard University, and CEO of Silverthread, Inc.

– Thierry Coq, principal consultant and project director in industrial systems, Oil & Gas and Maritime Systems at DNVGL

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